Brett V. Barker

Brett V. Barker

Director of Business Development, Bi-Lingual Auctioneer, Teamster, Chef and Raconteur

A recognized salesman, raconteur and teamster, Brett V. Barker has over 40 years of selling and training experience of people, horses and bird dogs. Brett knows first-hand the importance of processes as a result of his experience selling engineered low-voltage systems to the education market, healthcare and commercial sound markets.  Optimized processes and specifically clean hand offs between marketing, sales, engineering and operations were a key factor in the scalability of the business.


He has leveraged his strengths and passions to connect his customers, acquaintances and passers-by with horses and the cowboy way. His story has appeared in The Draft Horse Journal, Colorado Country Life and was featured on the Arizona Agritourism segment of America’s Heartland, a regular program on PBS and RFD TV. “Colonel” Barker is a certified bi-lingual professional auctioneer and a graduate of The World Wide College of Auctioneering. Brett co-owns (with his wife Heidi Berger) and operates Barker-Berger Farms in Hotchkiss, CO. The farm produces high quality grass/alfalfa mix hay for serious horse owners and beef producers.

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