Scott Elser

Director of Business Development, Certified Pinnacle Business Guide & former Certified EOS Implementer®

Scott Elser realized the tremendous impact of optimizing workflow and implementing process in his own marketing agency as he navigated consistent and rapid growth year-over-year to become an Inc. 500 company with over $12M in revenue. Maintaining healthy client relationships and agency profits required strong communications and workflow, both to ensure internal effectiveness and to integrate into his client’s diverse processes.


As an agency leader, Scott created and implemented process for clients that range from fast-growth entrepreneurial companies to several members of the Fortune 500. Since becoming an EOS Implementer and Certified Pinnacle Guide, Scott has continued to help his clients optimize their processes through playbooks that document the most important elements of workflow that are followed throughout the company.


Scott splits his time between Phoenix, Arizona and New Jersey and is available to travel across the U.S.

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