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“Systemize the predictable and humanize everything else.”

–  Isadore Sharp, founder of Four Seasons Hotels


Speed to Value


With our 2-Day, intensive workshop and 7-day document turnaround, together with ongoing coaching and support, we help you get your core processes followed by everyone faster and with less effort.

Lean Lens


All Certified Process Optimizers™ are Lean Experts, bringing a Lean mindset to optimizing your core processes. This will help your teams smoke out waste, inefficiencies, and gaps that may be missed doing it on their own.

The Training System


With our cloud based Training System Partnership, you can now house your processes in a secure, online platform, embed photos and training videos, link to procedural documents and create tests to ensure your employees are learning the material in one module before moving to the next.

EOS® Compatible


All Certified Process Optimizers™ are trained in EOS® and purely facilitate following The Three-Step Process Documenter™. We speak the EOS® language and know the EOS® tools and process inside and out.

Learn how the Process Optimizer™ can help your business strengthen your core processes and have them consistently followed by everyone faster and with less effort from your team.

Why the Process Optimizer™


The Process Optimizer™ was born out of a frustration that Master Facilitator, Certified EOS Implementer®, and Best Selling Author Michael Erath experienced when working with companies running on EOS® – procrastination when it came to strengthening their Process Component™.  After many years of helping companies implement EOS®, Michael discovered that there were two main reasons they were slow to define and document their processes:


1 – They struggled to find and prioritize the time to invest over the 2-3 quarters it normally takes to do it on their own

2 – They didn’t have somebody on their team who was a strong, “process-minded” person to lead the effort


To solve this problem, Michael called in his friend and Lean Expert, Heidi Berger, a Certified Management Accountant, MBA and Lean Green Belt, who in addition to years of Process work in both retail and distribution spent ten years at P.F. Chang’s as the VP of Planning and Analysis, VP of Financial Operations and Risk, and most recently VP of Business Transformation. Together, they spent several months building, refining and systemizing the Process Optimizer™.

How it Works


In the Process Optimizer™, you will normally accomplish in less than 2 weeks what typically takes two to three quarters to do on your own. As a result, you get to core processes consistently followed be everyone faster and benefit from a quicker realization of improved consistency and scalability.


During the onsite workshop, a Certified Process Optimizer will work with the Leadership Team members responsible for each of the core processes in a series of 90 to 120-minute sessions, together with a handful of your best employees who execute steps in their respective processes. In those sessions, the teams will be led through a mapping of the process, smoking out issues within the process, establishing ownership of the steps in the process, and assigning appropriate measurables for the process. From there, your Certified Process Optimizer will create a first version document of your core processes – your “Franchise Prototype” – and an Issues List by department for your teams to focus on inside their departmental meetings to further refine and improve their processes. If you really want to take your on-boarding and training to the next level, you can use our recommended Onboarding and Training System where your core processes can be loaded into a platform where you can embed training videos and create tests to ensure everyone is progressing through the process training as expected.


All of this will be completed and delivered to you within one week of the conclusion of your workshop so you can focus on getting your processes fully followed and delegated as appropriate.



After the documents are delivered, your Certified Process Optimizer will schedule follow up calls in 30, 90 and 180 days to answer any questions and to ensure that you are taking the appropriate next steps to get maximum value out of systemizing your business.

Process Optimizer Proven Process

Key takeaways of the workshop are:


  • Efficient Generation of core processes – typically in just 2 days
  • Highlight gaps in current processes through a systematic approach
  • Expose conflict and silos across teams by identifying handoffs and key relationships
  • Opportunity for Leadership to observe key employees and their interactions with one another
  • Identify key “non-value” added activities and waste
  • Prioritize gaps in current core processes and key areas for improvement
  • Create deliverables and measurables for each core process
  • Draft Documentation of all core processes provided

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