Strengthen your processes, your team and everyone’s confidence

Are you solving the same issues again and again?

The majority of issues entrepreneurial organizations face are rooted in either people or process. And if your processes have not been defined, optimized, documented and delegated, you aren’t giving your people one of the most important tools they need to do their jobs well — your Business Playbook.

Go from chaos to consistency

Document in 9 days what it typically takes 9 or more months to do yourself

Speed to Value


With our 2-Day workshop and 7-Day document turnaround, together with ongoing coaching and support, we help you get your core processes Defined, Optimized, Documented and Delegated in a fraction of the time it would take to do on your own.

Lean Lens


Our facilitators are Lean Certified experts who bring a Lean mindset to optimizing your Core Processes, guiding your teams so they can easily expose wastefulness, inefficiencies, and gaps.

Accountability Coach


For an entire year following the delivery of your Business Playbook, we remain engaged with your Process Champion to serve as an Accountability Coach to help you get to full implementation.

The “Why” behind Process Optimizer

Many organizations have no documented processes for their employees to follow and no Business Playbook. Others have some documentation, but the processes are not updated regularly and consistently followed. As a result, their outcomes are inconsistent, both customers and employees are frustrated, and profitability suffers.


Created by former PF Chang’s executive and Lean Expert Heidi Berger, together with a former Record-Holding EOS Implementer®, Process Optimizer® is a team of expert facilitators who will help your organization define, document and OPTIMIZE your Core Processes so you’ll have consistent outcomes, happy employees, delighted customers, and dramatically increased profitability.

What our clients say

Just a few of the companies we’re proud to have served

Your frustration to freedom plan

Build your
business playbook


Design processes that make consistency, reliability and scalability a reality

Get everyone rowing
in the same direction


Build teamwork, momentum and confidence

Enjoy your


Feel confident knowing your business operates efficiently — even without you there

Build your business playbook, teach it to your people
and enjoy a lifetime of freedom

Let us lift the burden off you and your team

You started your business to ultimately enjoy a life of freedom. You want your business to run on its own, whether you’re right there in the office or paddle boarding on Lake Tahoe. The thing is, your people are spinning their wheels, operating in silos, not working in harmony and producing inconsistent results. This makes you feel frustrated and trapped.


It’s time to break free. Our team of Certified Process Optimizers support our clients by strengthening their core processes following the Process Optimizer’s Client Journey. Put simply, we help you do in a total of 9 days what would take 9 to 12 months, or more, to accomplish on your own. It’s time to build your playbook, teach it to your people and enjoy a life of freedom.


Schedule your call and we’ll help you design and implement a plan that inspires your employees to work together efficiently, creates insight for your leadership teams and uncovers new opportunities along the way.

Discover your organization’s potential


95% of organizational issues are related to processes and people. So if you lack an efficient way to document processes, your people will become liabilities. This scenario is not uncommon. It’s often hard for business owners to objectively see where inefficiencies disrupt workflow, paralyze growth and impact results. Complete this self-assessment and begin to uncover all your hidden deficiencies.