“Whichever system and process you teach/coach, I’m certain the work of Process Optimizer can enhance the experience with your clientele. They are experts at simplifying the “process” and establishing accountability to ensure the work done achieves the desired goal (so it doesn’t just sit in a drawer somewhere). Many of my clients have worked with Process Optimizer and not a single one has regretted doing so. The awareness alone that comes from the workshop experience is worthwhile! ”

Tzvi Schwartz,
Certified EOS Implementer®

“Who knew documenting Core Processes would be so fun! The Process Optimizer™ was great and super-efficient. Our Certified Process Optimizer™ helped minimize what would take most companies 9-12 months of time into 2 days. I’m a huge fan of their work.”

Duane Marshall,
Pinnacle Business Guide

“I recently had an EOS® client in commercial construction who was working through the 3-step process documenter and I presented the Process Optimizer™ workshop to see if they had interest. The integrator who took the rock jumped at the chance to bring Heidi in for the 2-day workshop. As the client was able to bring their teams together, they were able to document ALL of their Core Processes in 2 days AND identify opportunities for future improvement rocks. Instead of taking a few quarters to document their processes, they jump started the process and now had all of their Core Processes in hand and able to work on “followed by all”. They will get to mastery of the Process Component faster, allowing them to scale more quickly and achieve greater levels of profitable growth. It was phenomenal, and they were blown away.
When the opportunity presents itself I’m more than comfortable introducing my clients to Heidi. She is a true professional.”

Mark Stanley
Expert EOS Implementer®

“As an EOS Implementer™, I have found the Process Optimizer™ to be a great resource to help companies get to 80% strong in the 6-Key Components™ of EOS by strengthening the Process Component™ in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of effort. I will be gladly referring the Process Optimizer® anytime I see a client struggling with their Core Processes.”

Chesky Brisk
former Certified EOS Implementer®

“Roughly two years into our EOS journey, we had developed proficiency in most of the key components of our business but had failed to make any real progress documenting our core processes due to lack of time and expertise. We decided to engage Process Optimizer® to facilitate this project for us and were able to accomplish in two days what would have taken months if we had tackled it internally. The outcome was a clear mapping of all our major processes along with identifying areas of inefficiency and disconnects. The workshop also provided a list of process opportunities for improvement prioritized by potential impact on the business, which we have taken back to the teams to solve in our weekly Level-10 meetings. The Process Optimizer® really exceeded our expectations.”

Jamie Gerdsen, President
Apollo Home

“We decided to engage Process Optimizer® because we knew we needed some outside help. Working with them was a great experience. Not only were we able to get through a lot of work quickly and efficiently, we found lots of gaps and misalignment in how things had been getting done and have now been able to solve those so that our processes are much better, and our business runs much more smoothly.”

Jarrod Hunt, Partner
Digital Current

“Engaging Process Optimizer® resulted in two amazing days of mapping and optimizing our core processes. The workshop generated impactful, cross departmental, real teamwork, while also building insight into what was, and was not, working well for us. The Process Optimizer<sup>®</sup> experience was powerful.”

Linda Thomas-Hemak, MD, President and CEO
The Wright Center for Community Health